Visit the Ark Encounter . . . from Your Living Room!

Want to experience the wonder of the life-size Noah’s Ark and our entire Ark Encounter attraction but can’t make the trip to Northern Kentucky right now? Or do you want to relive your experience touring the world’s largest timber-frame structure? “Visit” the Ark Encounter from your living room with Journey Through the Ark Encounter, a guided DVD tour of the Ark and grounds with filmmaker Peter Schriemer. It’s certainly not the same as personally visiting, but it’s a great way of experiencing some of the wonder of this awesome attraction from your home.


behind-the-scenes facts about this architectural wonder;answers to your questions about the ark, flood, and animals from the world-class exhibits;the jaw-dropping size of this enormous structure;the beautiful grounds;and the exotic animals in Ararat Ridge Zoo behind the Ark, including lemurs, kangaroos, camels, and more.

Answers in Genesis videos on demand

Don’t miss this exciting DVD tour that will equip you to defend the truth of the flood and Noah’s Ark. (And be sure to check out the companion DVD, Journey Through the Creation Museum, to experience our walk-through biblical history, dino den, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made exhibit, and so much more.)

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Get Ready for Some Creation Fun

We also have two other brand-new resources for your family: Creation Fun with the Grandkids: Activities that Inspire Conversations About Our Creator and Awesome Facts About Animals.

Creation Fun with the Grandkids by Ruth Carter provides step-by-step instructions for over 40 tried-and-true hands-on projects to complete with your grandkids, and gives you biblical truth to share as you work on the projects together. It’s a great way of making precious memories and passing along timeless biblical truths to the next generation.

Awesome Facts About Animalswas written by our zoo director, Leanne Sarkisian, and animal presenter, Karina Altman. This colorful book for children highlights God’s wisdom and creativity in the animal kingdom. Kids will love the fun photos of captivating animals and the awesome facts that point them towards the Creator God.

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