The Mission and Vision of Core Apologetics | with Dr. Ben Shaw

Has the idea of biblical inerrancy gone out of style? In today’s modern church we’ve seen far too many professing Christians and even pastors struggle with biblical illiteracy, some choosing to abandon the biblical worldview altogether. As hostility towards the Christian faith continues to grow and commitment to the Gospel continues to decline, how can true followers of Christ equip themselves to learn, live out, and defend the truth of Christianity?

In this midweek podcast episode, Dan Hodges, Executive Director of CrossExamined, sits down with Dr. Ben Shaw, president of Core Apologetics, to talk about Ben’s faith journey and how his love for Jesus, evangelism, (and hockey of all things!) led him to a career and ministry in New Testament scholarship, working alongside the world-renowned resurrection scholar, Gary Habermas. What is the mission of Core Apologetics and how has Gary Habermas’ lifelong research impacted this much needed ministry? How do you live out a biblical worldview if you’re in a career like medicine or law enforcement? All this and more will be discussed in this special follow-up conversation with Dr. Ben Shaw!

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