Adam and Eve Models Teach Biblical Truths

When you visit the Creation Museum, you will see models of the first two humans, Adam and Eve, throughout our walk through biblical history. We use these models to teach so many biblical truths to families. Here are some of those truths:

Note that in the photos above, Adam and Eve are middle brown, as no one is “white” or “black.” All humans have the same basic skin color—brown—because of the pigment melanin.There were only two genders of humans that God created, a male and a female. This is confirmed by observational science, as men have a pair of XY sex chromosomes and women have XX. There are some so-called “exceptions” to this that affect a fraction of a percent of the population and cause problems. Medical problems such as this exist because it’s a fallen world, and now there can be all sorts of problems in our genetics.The first man and woman were the first marriage. God created marriage, not the Supreme Court justices or politicians. Many of them are redefining marriage to fit with their own opinions/desires. But there’s only one true marriage, a biological man and a biological woman.The man and woman were equal before God in regard to value, etc., but they were not given equal (same) roles. They have different roles. Marriage is a picture of Christ and the church, with the church as the bride and Christ as the head of the church.

Yes, there’s so much to learn from Adam and Eve because, well, the answers are in Genesis! I encourage you to come to Northern Kentucky and visit the two leading Christian themed attractions in the world, the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum. These are God-honoring places for your families to have family fun and fellowship and learn the truth of God’s Word and the gospel. Visit

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