How Can Jesus Be the Only Way?

If God truly is loving, is He obligated to save those who have never heard the Gospel or choose not to accept it? Many non-Christians ask this LOADED question without realizing that it’s a moral question that assumes a moral standard. But with the presence of so many different religions and opposing worldviews, do Christians have the right to maintain such exclusive beliefs?

In this midweek podcast episode, Frank unpacks why Christianity is the ONLY sufficient answer to the problem of evil. While skeptics often criticize Christianity on moral grounds, Frank will discuss how other worldviews fail to provide a solution for all of the world’s moral issues. He tackles questions like:

What’s the real reason that people go to Hell?
Is Christianity the only religion with an exclusive set of beliefs?
Why do Christians believe that Jesus is the only way?
How are God’s ways higher than our ways?
Is it philosophically possible to be saved without hearing the Gospel?


If the God of the Bible is perfectly just and His standard for righteousness is nothing short of perfection, does anyone (or any other religion) have the ability to meet that standard without relying on a perfect substitute (aka Jesus)? All this and more will be discussed as Frank lays out the plan for salvation according to the Bible.

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