Behind the Scenes: Filming Building Blocks for ABC Homeschool

When you see some of the photos below, you might wonder, “What are they doing?!?” Well, what AiG’s Bryan Osborne and Avery Foley are doing is filming for the final year of Building Blocks, a fun video supplement to our homeschool Bible curriculum. Each episode features a creative object lesson, competition, or game to make the teaching stick. Enjoy these behind-the-scenes photos!

But before I show them to you, what exactly is our homeschool Bible curriculum? Well, after the release of my 2009 book Already Gone, which included detailed research into why young people were leaving the church, we at Answers in Genesis made the decision to produce a Bible curriculum for churches called Answers Bible Curriculum. This is a four-year chronological approach to teaching the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

It equips all ages (preschool through adult) to understand God’s Word and how to defend the Christian faith.

The curriculum is unique in that it’s chronological and teaches Christian worldview, apologetics, and doctrine. It equips all ages (preschool through adult) to understand God’s Word and how to defend the Christian faith.

We then produced a homeschool version of this curriculum (Years 1–3 are now available, and Year 4 is coming early 2024), and we’re currently working on a Christian school version. Like the version for churches, ABC Homeschool is filled with apologetics and biblical worldview teaching (including doctrine and theology) and employs a chronological approach—all designed to give students a solid biblical foundation. Teachers and students of all ages will enjoy diving into rich content, memorizing Scripture, and learning how to apply the Bible to their daily lives and defend the Christian faith against secular attacks.

As I mentioned above, as part of the homeschool curriculum, there are a series of videos called Building Blocks with Bryan and Avery (one video for each lesson). These fun photos are of the AV team and Avery’s husband, Trevor (a dedicated AiG volunteer), finishing up filming season 4 (they filmed 34 episodes in five days!). This will be the last season in the series, and it teaches from Jesus’ last year of ministry through Revelation.

For more information on our ABC Homeschool Bible curriculum, visit our website. And you can check out Building Blocks on Answers TV.

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