Hijacking Jesus | with Jason Jimenez

What do you call a Christian that denies the Virgin Birth, the Divinity of Christ, the Second Coming, miracles, the Atonement, and the Resurrection? They’re called “Progressive” Christians. But if a person rejects the essentials of the faith, are they progressing, or regressing? And are they even Christians at all?

The level of confusion and distorted views that many professing “Christians” have about Jesus are quite shocking. So shocking in fact, that Frank’s guest, Jason Jimenez, was inspired to write his new book ‘Hijacking Jesus: How Progressive Christians Are Remaking Him and Taking Over His Church‘. In this week’s podcast episode, Frank and Jason expose the blatant inconsistencies within Progressive Christianity and share how YOU can defend the faith against this false movement, answering questions like:

Why is doctrine a vital component to the Christian faith?
What approach do most progressives take in how they interpret the Bible?
Do ALL progressives hold to the same beliefs?
How do you respond when someone claims that Jesus was a socialist?
Why does Jason categorize progressive Christians as modern religious Gnostics?


In their attempt to redefine and reimagine Jesus, Progressive Christians leave the door wide open for glaring contradictions within their own worldview. Listen as Jason will encourage Christians NOT to let these so-called progressive thinkers get away with mischaracterizing the Jesus of Scripture into their own personal, non-historical, and unbiblical Jesus 2.0. You’re not only going to hear where they go wrong, but you’ll also receive GOOD theology that will affirm what all Christians should believe.

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Jason’s new book: https://a.co/d/1Ou8cxf

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