Dr. Crawley Visits the Creepy Crawlies at the Creation Museum

We recently had a very special visitor at the Creation Museum—Dr. Geoff Crawley. Yes, Dr. Crawley of Dr. Crawley’s Insectorium (one of our most popular exhibits) is a real person!

Ironically, Dr. Crawley has a massive interest in creepy crawlies and has traveled the world, collecting specimens of beetles, butterflies, bees, and more. And he generously donated a spectacular collection to the Creation Museum for an exhibit that opened in 2013 and has fascinated millions of guests, especially children, ever since.

Dr. Crawley recently visited the Creation Museum and met with some of our staff as he toured the insectorium. I thought you’d enjoy a photo from his visit as well as a few behind-the-scenes photos of some of his process to prepare insects for display.

We’re thankful for those like Dr. Crawley who love studying God’s amazing designs in creation and helping others to know more about our Creator and his world.

Bring your family to see the insectorium in person—kids 10 and under are free! Plan your visit at CreationMuseum.org.

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