Pride Festival, Boise, Idaho, 2023

The past few years have seen a rise in the LGBT movement. Conservative Idaho is not immune to its reach. On September 8, 2023, I went to the Boise Pride Festival. I’d been there before, and I was happy to see that fewer people and sponsors were there. Good.

My friend and I had an opportunity to share the gospel with a few people at the event. It wasn’t till later that I found out that we weren’t supposed to do that. Oh well. So, we stopped. But we went outside and joined a Christian with a sign that urged people to repent and come to Christ. We talked about evangelism. It was good fellowship.

There was already a small crowd present around him. So, it didn’t take long before we talked with many people. Unfortunately, the music was so loud that I had to use earplugs (my hearing isn’t that good.). It made conversations with people difficult. But that’s just the way it was.  So, during our talks with the pro-LGBT people, I was misrepresented, lied about, insulted, told that I was a bigot, that I was full of hate, and argumentative. I found their hypocrisy blatant for a group of people who profess tolerance. Nevertheless, I had about two hours of conversations with different people.

At one point, a rather large individual, a guy who was dressed funny, wove straight through the group of people and got within 6 inches of my face. It was very aggressive. I put my hands up, and I told him to back off and that he was too close. He then blew cigarette smoke in my face, laughed, and retreated. My friend saw the whole thing and was ready to jump in if it came to a physical confrontation. But I’m glad it did not. Then, someone in the group told security that I was being abrasive with people. That was not true. It was they who were abrasive and difficult. But nevertheless, security spoke with me about how to behave properly. Ironic, isn’t it?

Light and Dark

When it was time to leave, my friend and I returned to his vehicle. We debriefed each other. Both of us were very aware of the darkness upon so many peoples’ hearts. They had a hatred for God. They denied Christ. And, they based their morality on their personal preferences. It was sad to see so many lost people – especially the children who were there with their parents. That was sad to see.

As you can see from the pictures, some people were dressed ‘differently.’

I don’t look down on them. Instead, I see people who have given themselves to sin in pursuing their personal desires. I’m reminded of  Judges 21:25, which says, “…everyone did what was right in his own eyes.”  Biblically, this is apostasy and moral bankruptcy – the same thing is happening now.

Why are you here?

Several people asked me why I was there.  I used it as an opportunity to present the gospel. I told them that we are here because we care about them and that we want the best for them – the best that can only be found in Jesus. Of course, they immediately denied Christ and said things such as the Bible is not trustworthy; it’s been translated too many times, Jesus never existed, you can’t prove He lived, the Bible is a myth, etc. I did what I could to answer their objections.

Nevertheless, there were three good conversations where I was able to address various issues and tell them the gospel. Praise God. In a crowd of 1,000 to 2,000 people, at least a few heard the truth about Christ.

Sad but true

Our country is in trouble. Like the people of Israel at the time of Christ, though some believed, as a whole, the nation rejected Christ. Therefore, God sent Judgment upon the Jews. In 70 A.D., the Roman Empire moved against Israel, destroying the temple in Jerusalem. I cannot help but see the parallel in our own country. It has rejected Christ. Judgment is coming. But in the meantime, we need to pray for the lost and share the gospel with as many as we can, and by God’s grace, may He save more and more.

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