How to Handle a Faith That is Set Adrift | with Dr. Sean McDowell

When a fellow Christian confides in you that they’re “deconstructing”, what do you say and what kind of advice do you give them? Or even worse, what if YOU aren’t sure what to believe anymore? It can be normal to wrestle with lingering doubts, but this slow and steady process of disillusionment often causes many people in our culture today to completely walk away from the truth of the Christian faith. So when this happens, what’s the best way to help someone tackle those doubts without shipwrecking the saving grace of Jesus Christ?

Our friend and Biola apologetics professor, Dr. Sean McDowell, is no stranger to struggling with doubt. In this week’s podcast episode, Sean joins Frank to talk about overcoming his own season of deconstruction and how his new book (co-authored with John Marriott), ‘Set Adrift: Deconstructing What You Believe Without Sinking Your Faith‘ can help others learn how to deconstruct in a safe way. During the episode, Sean and Frank address questions like:

How does Sean define the term deconstruction?
What are social imaginaries and how do they impact our worldview?
What role does social media play in the deconstruction movement?
What are the possible risks and benefits that can come along with deconstructing?
How should Christians respond when a loved-one decides to deconstruct?


Being the son of one of the most well-known and well-respected Christian apologists, Josh McDowell, didn’t stop Sean from questioning if Christianity is really true. If you’re in the process of deconstruction, what’s your angle? Are you searching for the truth or avoiding it? Listen as Sean will encourage you to approach self-doubt with reconstruction as the end goal, allowing truth to reign supreme.

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Sean’s new book:

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