The ONE Attribute That Heals Relationships | with J. Warner Wallace

What’s the ONE attribute that has the power to change your life, your relationships, and your career? In this midweek episode, homicide detective and best-selling author, J. Warner Wallace returns to talk about the healing power of humility and how he and his wife Susie are helping police officers save their marriages and recover from past trauma with help from the Gospel and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

Listen as Jim and Frank tackle questions like:

Why do so many police officers face difficulty in marriage?
What is the L.E.A.P. program and why are Jim and Susie so passionate about this ministry?
What problems do we face when we place our identity outside of Jesus Christ?
What is post traumatic growth and how does it compare to PTSD?
What does humility REALLY mean and how can it save your life and your marriage?


This unique and fascinating conversation is a great reminder that we can face any trauma or tragedy that comes our way when we place our identity and faith in Jesus Christ. It will also open your eyes to some of the unique challenges that police officers face both in their home life and in the line of duty. We hope it blesses you and you’ll share the episode with friends and loved ones who might benefit from hearing this very important message.

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The L.E.A.P. Program:

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