What We’re Doing to Reach Everyone

I have a massive “praise the Lord” to share with you. We’re currently over halfway through our 40 Days and 40 Nights of Christian Music festival at the Ark Encounter and select days at the Creation Museum. It’s the biggest such festival in the world. I am thrilled to share with you that the Lord really has been working through this event, and now, over 1,200 people have responded to the gospel challenge presented at the end of each day of 40/40 and committed their lives to the Lord!

Wow! Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen packed crowds continue to come as top artists perform and Bible teachers present great Bible teaching and a strong gospel challenge at each of the concerts. This has been an exciting evangelistic outreach for which we stand back and see what God is doing and praise him! We’re excited to see what else the Lord does as this event continues through September 9.

Reaching Unbelievers with the Gospel

So, yes, we’re using music and Bible teaching to reach unbelievers with the gospel! And we want to reach everyone, so we plan a variety of different events throughout the year geared toward different groups of people. And I thought I’d share some of those upcoming outreaches with you:

ASL Interpretation and Deaf Days (April 19–20, 2024): We want to reach everyone with the good news of the gospel and the truth of God’s Word, including the Deaf community. So we’re offering reserved tickets for ASL interpretations during both of our major conferences, Answers for Pastors (October 3–5, 2023) and Answers for Women (April 1–3, 2024). And each year, we offer our two-day Deaf Days conference at the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum with ASL presentations and breakout sessions, a Deaf-led worship service, and next year, a screening of the brand-new Deaf Missions film, Jesus.

Día Latino at the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum (October 20–21, 2023): We also want to reach the growing Spanish-speaking community here in the US and the millions of people in Latin America. So each year, we offer a special weekend, one day at both attractions, with Spanish speakers, music, interpreters throughout the grounds, and so much more.

Creation College Expo (November 2–4, 2023): And we also want to reach teens and young people! So each year, we offer a Creation College Expo where young people don’t just get to meet representatives from the nation’s leading Christian colleges that take a stand on God’s Word, beginning in Genesis, but they also get to learn from our speakers during special sessions. This event is free! And all registered 7–12th graders enjoy free Ark Encounter and discounted Creation Museum admission.

Those are just a few of our events—and events are just a very small part of what we do to reach everyone with the message of God’s Word and the gospel. We praise the Lord for what he’s doing to reach everyone with his truth.

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