What Does Guilt Tell Us About God? | with Dr. Bobby Conway

Why is it that all societies throughout human history have been plagued by and confronted with universal guilt? That is to say that guilt, which can be defined as the result of violating a moral law that God has put in place, is cross-cultural. But many today suppress their guilt. How can Christians effectively preach the Gospel to a generation that refuses to recognize or even acknowledge its own guilt and depravity?

In this midweek podcast episode, CrossExamined Apologist Team (CAT) member, author, and pastor, Dr. Bobby Conway, joins Frank to discuss his doctoral thesis–the implications of guilt and how guilt is in itself an apologetic for the existence of the Christian God. During the interview, Bobby talks about his recent shift from the One Minute Apologist to Christianity Still Makes Sense and also shares how his personal experiences with drug use, alcoholism, and promiscuity as a teenager ultimately led him to faith in Christ. He and Frank answer questions like:

How do we know that universal guilt exists and what is the best explanation for its existence?
What did philosophers like Nietzsche and Freud believe about guilt?
What is the solution for those who struggle with false guilt?
What is the distinction between guilt and shame?
How does the Gospel offer hope for people who are burdened with guilt and shame?


Legalizing sin has made it extremely convenient to try and ignore all of the guilt that normally follows sinful behavior. But what happens when the consequences of those actions begin to manifest and unfold in the future? Will this lead our culture to further immorality, rebellion and self-righteousness, or to repentance and redemption through the cross of Jesus Christ? By the end of the episode, Frank and Bobby will help listeners discover how universal guilt (although inconvenient), is a gift from God when properly embraced through the lens of the Gospel.

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Bobby’s website: https://www.christianitystillmakessense.com/

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