Q&A: Creation of Our Soul, the Lord’s Prayer, and Blaspheming the Holy Spirit


On today’s Bible Answer Man broadcast (08/21/23), Hank answers the following questions:

When is the human soul created? Do our souls preexist, or are they created by God at conception? (0:45)
Should I be reciting the Lord’s Prayer when I pray? (4:06)
I can’t seem to wrap my mind around the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. What does this mean exactly? (15:12)
As a new believer, I’m not sure how to pray. Can you help me? (18:14)
Since it was always God’s plan for Jesus to go to the cross, how should we understand Jesus asking the Father to forgive those who crucified Him? (22:56)


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The Prayer of Jesus by Hank Hanegraaff

Truth Matters, Life Matters More: The Unexpected Beauty of an Authentic Christian Life by Hank Hanegraaff

The Unforgivable Sin


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