Comedy Break: Enjoy This Adorable Video Featuring Ken Ham Interviewing Kids

“Who made you?” “Who is God?” “Who died on the cross for you?” How would your young children answer those questions? Well, our video team recently filmed an adorable video of toddlers and preschoolers answering questions like those as we interacted with a brand-new curriculum from Answers in Genesis—Truths for Toddlers. I think you’ll enjoy this cute and funny video. You can tell these kids weren’t scripted!

I encourage you to look into Truths for Toddlers, a fun five-lesson curriculum for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers (even our grandchildren in grades 1–3 enjoyed this curriculum), to teach them five foundational truths about God. The lessons are designed to be repeated in a five-week cycle so that by kindergarten, the children will know these important truths:

God is good.God made everything.God is in charge of everything.Jesus came to save sinners.God wants us to pray.

It’s perfect for your family worship time at home or for the nursery at your church. The curriculum includes an “indestructible” spiral-bound teaching book with a fun hidden animal on each page, five lesson posters, five original songs, and five coloring pages.

You can find Truths for Toddlers on

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