New Dinosaur Coming to the Creation Museum

A new exhibit featuring an incredibly realistic dinosaur model is coming to the Creation Museum. Any ideas where this new exhibit might be located? Well, most people wouldn’t realize that when they walk through what we call our Starting Points exhibit in the Creation Museum, there is a blank wall. But that wall will soon be filled with an exhibit on rapid burial during the flood.

A feature of this exhibit will be an outstanding (actually, the artists believe it will be the most professional in the world) sculpture of a Protoceratops dinosaur.

At our design center (where artists and fabricators, etc., build the exhibits for the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter), two of our artists are continuing to mold the Protoceratops.

In one photo, they are removing a temporary brace that was used to support one of the clay dividing walls along the body. They also cleaned and prepped the molds for the next step in the lengthy, multi-phase process of molding the Protoceratops.

This really will be a stunning exhibit and will be installed sometime this year. There’s always something happening at the Ark and Creation Museum to upgrade and/or add new exhibits.

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