How to Teach Apologetics to the Next Generation | with Brett Kunkle

How can you increase the chances that your child won’t walk away from the faith when they get older? Most young people who are raised as Christians receive some form of discipleship training within the safety of their home church, rarely having their beliefs challenged by non-Christians. But are the typical youth group pizza parties and “feel good” camp experiences strong enough to sustain their faith once they become adults?

In this midweek podcast episode, co-pastor and Maven Christian apologist, Brett Kunkle, joins Frank at CIA 2023 to explain why he developed immersive worldview mission experiences for high school and college students, and how they successfully prepare young Christians to understand and articulate the truth of Christianity to others. During this episode, Frank and Brett answer questions such as:

At what age should kids begin learning the basics of Christianity?
How are catechisms helpful in discipleship training?
What 3 stage process should you consider as you disciple your kids?
Why are so many young people apathetic towards Christianity?
How do Maven immersive experiences uniquely motivate youth to develop a personal passion for their faith?
What activities do kids participate in during a Maven mission trip?


Investing in our children while they are still young is a vital key to increasing the likelihood that they will cling to Christianity into adulthood, and ultimately for life. Maven immersive experiences and mission trips have proven to be life-transforming–equipping students with the tools to engage with others and grow in their faith as they share their faith with secular society. Producing strong Christians is good, but producing strong witnesses and ambassadors is even better!

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