Movie Review: The Meg 2: The Trench

Usually, when I go to a movie where the impossible is a reality, I have to suspend belief in certain areas in order to enjoy the show. Well, that didn’t help with this movie. The Meg 2, The Trench, was a combination of the semi-realistic and Sharknado. Its main star, Jason Statham, a well-known action hero, will not boast about making this one. Perhaps it was aimed at 12 to 14-year-olds who aren’t in touch with reality sufficiently and can thus enjoy something with so many unbelievable and ridiculous scenarios.

The acting was good enough. The directing was good. And, the special effects were good. Okay, so that’s good. But, it was not so good when it comes to scriptwriting. I can’t help but wonder if some shark NATO writers snuck into the script vault of this movie and rewrote some stuff, then giggled don the way out, wondering if people would notice. Well, I did.

Now, I go to the movies for entertainment. But when so many impossibilities are thrown together with something reminiscent of Sharknado, I am more annoyed than entertained. But then again, maybe my age (late 60s) is coupled with a cranky old-man attitude, and I couldn’t enjoy it.

Who knows.

Anyway, as my children would say about some movies, “Yeah, right.” That was a phrase they would say when something was too ridiculous. So, I adopted their phraseology and have the “Yeah, right” scale. It’s a reverse of the standard scale, where the higher the number of stars, the better. But in this case, the higher the number of “Yeah, rights,” the worse it is. This movie would get five stars.

I’ve noticed that I’m becoming less interested in special effects. I think they should be used to support the plot, not the other way around. Good writing introduces you to people, their struggles, failures, victories, risks, and so much more. I think Hollywood has forgotten about quality and is trying to fill the gap with computer-generated action to cover excessive yeah-rights.

Anyway, on the positive side, there are no sex scenes, no political correctness, and no woke crap. Also, I don’t recall that there was very much cussing. So, if you’re a young 12-year-old reading this or the parent of a 12-year-old and you want to take him or her to a movie that is predictably and consistently ridiculous – but has cool humongous shark (and octopus) effects, then you will probably have a good time. But as for me, I won’t rush to see again.

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