Behind the Scenes: Arks Around the World Exhibit Construction Continues

Do the following two stories remind you of anything?

Story #1:

An old man, his wife, and their son and daughter-in-law lived in a hut, with a small pot hanging from the ceiling, which was not to be touched. But the daughter-in-law touched the pot, it smashed, and all the world’s water gushed out, drowning all the people and animals.

Story #2:

Once upon a time, an angry crab caused a flood. It destroyed everything except a brother and sister who locked themselves and two of every animal in a big chest until a rooster’s crow told them it was safe to come out.

The Bible’s account is the original and true account; others are changed versions of the original.

The first story is from Tanzania, Africa, and the second is from China. Did they remind you of anything? Well, if you’ve read the account of the flood in Genesis, you probably noticed some similarities: human disobedience, a global flood, the drowning of people and animals, a few people and two of every animal saved, and a bird letting them know it was safe. All of these elements are found in the true account of the flood. Because all mankind is descended from Noah and his family (and then was separated at the event of the tower of Babel), cultures around the world have similar legends . . . legends that preserve the distorted memory of our history. I have a number of books with legends from the Australian Aborigines that also read like the account of the flood and other events in Genesis. Of course, the Bible’s account is the original and true account; others are changed versions of the original.

On the third deck of the Ark Encounter, we have a Flood Legends exhibit that highlights some of these and shows how this points back to humanity’s shared memory of the real historical event of the flood. And that exhibit is getting an upgrade with Arks Around the World, which features a collection of arks from around the world that was generously donated to the Ark Encounter.

Enjoy these photos showing the work of our very talented design staff.

Specialized acrylic mold the team created to produce the seamless waves in the exhibit

The acrylic mold

The molded acrylic

The molded acrylic

Base of the display case

Making of the endcap of the base of the display case


Concept art

Arks from around the world that will be in the exhibit

Come and learn more about flood legends and how they confirm the truth of God’s Word at the Ark Encounter. Learn more about the flood of Noah’s day itself and the geology of the flood at the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter—the two leading Christian themed attractions in the world.

Oh, and if God has gifted you as an artist or fabricator, please consider joining our design team. You can see all of our open positions on our jobs page.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.






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