Kirk Cameron, Q&A, and Are People Born Gay?

Why is it more culturally acceptable to have Drag Queen story hour at a public library than it is to read faith-based books that introduce children to Christian values such as kindness, love, and self-control? Libraries have become the new battleground for the culture war with its secular indoctrination of kids and its censorship of the Christian worldview. But if your local library goes woke, how can you push back against it?

Actor, filmmaker, and Christian evangelist, Kirk Cameron, joins Frank this week to discuss his partnership with Brave Books and how they are working together to bring the truth of the Gospel to young children while also advocating for free speech and American patriotism. Kirk also talks about his new children’s books, ‘As You Grow’ and ‘Pride Comes Before the Fall’, while addressing topics like:

How did Kirk go from an atheist and secular Hollywood actor to faith in Christ?
Why is it important for Christians to know the Bible AND the U.S. Constitution?
How can Christians use the legal system to our advantage?
How has adversity from the woke mob benefited the Brave Books movement?


Later in the episode, Frank addresses questions from listeners about the plausibility of being “born gay”, whether or not to remain in a denomination that drifts into heresy, and what to do if your child contemplates joining the Amish community.

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Resources mentioned in the episode:

Kirk’s website:

Brave Books:

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