There Really Is an Answer to the Death and Suffering Issue

One of the biggest objections to the truth of Christianity is the question, “If there’s a loving God, why is there so much death and suffering in the world?” or “If God loves me, why did this happen to me or my family?” These questions (which are often shrouded in heartbreak) can be really hard to answer—but there are answers when we start with the truth of God’s Word!

I recently appeared as a guest on Off the Bench, my friend Heidi St. John’s podcast, to answer this question. I thought I would share this 23-minute interview with you to help give you answers and show you how to answer this question when it inevitably comes your way, whether from someone else or even yourself.

And I encourage you to find even more answers in my new book (where I share my and my family’s own story of suffering and how we dealt with it), Divine Dilemma: Wrestling with the Question of a Loving God in a Fallen World.

I included a lot of personal information in this book concerning how our family—and particularly my godly mother—dealt with the death of my younger brother who died from a horrible brain disease. But there are answers, even though we grieve. Though we don’t grieve like the world!

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