Help! My Kid is Deconstructing! | with Natasha Crain and Alisa Childers

What options do you have as a Christian when your loved-one deconstructs and decides to walk away from the faith? The trend of deconstructing and embracing a secular mindset has become a phenomenon in western civilization, convincing kids of all ages, spouses, and even parents to turn their backs on Christianity. But is there a practical way for Christians to counteract secularism if or when it hits home?

In this week’s podcast, our friends Natasha Crain and Alisa Childers join Frank at CIA2023 to chat about the explosion of deconstructionism, expose some of the major tenets and contradictions within the secular worldview, and discuss how they’re addressing these issues at the Unshaken Conference. During the show, they answer questions like:

What are 4 common characteristics of the secular mindset?
What is the appeal of claiming “victim status”?
What does it mean to deconstruct and what is the driving force behind the process of deconstruction?
In what ways has deconstruction destroyed families?
Why is deconstruction a threat to biblical Christianity?
How can parents intervene if their underage kids show signs of deconstructing or gender dysphoria?


Walking with a loved-one during a faith crisis can be an emotionally taxing and a potentially devastating experience, but try not to freak out! Frank, Natasha, and Alisa will help you to identify some of the early red flags of deconstructionism and provide you with helpful tips that could possibly curtail the process. They also offer encouragement for cases where it seems like all hope is lost. Be sure to visit to find out when the Unshaken Conference will come to a city near you and to find out if your church would be a good fit to host this conference in 2024!

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