Deconstructing the Barbie Movie | with the Women of CIA 2023

The Barbie movie is a certified box office hit, but in between the pink sparkles and choreographed dance numbers what message does it send to viewers? Many Christians and conservatives are concerned that the film is another source of woke propaganda and indoctrination. Are they right? Or is it just a feel-good comedy that has received unfair criticism?

In this week’s podcast, the ladies of CIA 2023 come together to share their (surprisingly!) varied thoughts and opinions on the movie. Join Phoenix Hayes, Alisa Childers, Natasha Crain, Hillary Ferrer, and Melissa Dougherty as they discuss the good, the bad, and even the humorous moments displayed in the film. Making an analysis from a biblical perspective, the ladies also touch on questions like:

Does the movie include any elements of truth?
What does it mean to be a woman in today’s world?
What is the underlying message of the film?
How are families, women, and men portrayed in the movie and by Hollywood in general?
How can you prepare and encourage your kids to think critically about movies?


Much more than a movie review, this conversation will touch on issues of radical feminism, toxic masculinity, motherhood, and “the patriarchy”. Whether you’ve seen the film or not, you’ll be sure to enjoy this roundtable discussion as the ladies address many of the recurring themes that lie just beneath the surface of the film and how those themes are direct parallels to what we’re seeing in society today.

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