Exciting Opportunity: 20 Interns Join AiG for the Summer

Equipping the next generation of Christian leaders has always been a priority for Answers in Genesis. We want to see generations who know what they believe and why and who are willing to boldly and uncompromisingly stand on the truth of God’s Word. And our internship program, called Embark, continues that commitment.

Embark: Answers Internship Program is designed to develop students professionally, personally, and spiritually through apologetics training and hands-on opportunities that only we can provide. Various departments all throughout the AiG ministry are offering internships to college students during the summer. Oh, and these internships are paid, and we offer housing on a first-come basis!

I recommend you encourage all your students to consider an Embark internship with AiG, no matter their degree pursuit. This allows them to apply what they are learning in college in ways that glorify God and to spread the gospel message within a ministry that pursues excellence. It’s a great way to learn and grow, no matter where the student eventually wants to work.

We have had around 20 interns from various colleges working in many different departments within Answers in Genesis this summer.

For more information, please visit our website.

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