What Will You Say When Mormons Come to Your Door? | with Dr. Corey Miller

When Mormon missionaries come knocking on your door, what will you say? In this week’s episode, we ask 7th generation Mormon, now Christian, Dr. Corey Miller, that question and many others.

Corey currently serves as President and CEO of the Ratio Christi college campus ministry and joins Frank to discuss his new book, ‘Responding to the Mormon Missionary Message‘. Being raised as Mormons themselves, Corey and co-author Ross Anderson are familiar with the core doctrines of the Mormon faith and are using this book to help Christians learn how to strategically engage the Mormon community. In this podcast, Corey and Frank discuss questions like:

What is the psychology of Mormonism?
What are some of the key differences between Christianity and Mormonism?
How and why did Corey convert from Mormonism to Christianity?
What is Ratio Christi’s mission and strategy for reaching high schoolers, college students, and professors?
How can Christians help support Ratio Christi?


In the words of Joseph Stalin, “Ideas are more powerful than guns.” Ratio Christi, which translates to “Reason for Christ”, is actively training young people and educators how to discern between right and wrong ideas through its model of thoughtful Christianity. Using both the heart and the mind has proved to transform the lives of students on campus, with the future hope of transforming the culture of tomorrow and reclaiming the intellectual voice of Christ in universities across the country.

To view the entire VIDEO PODCAST along with an EXCLUSIVE interview with Corey–where he explains how you can use your apologetics skills to bring the Ratio Christi movement to your local community–be sure to join our CrossExamined private community. It’s the perfect place to jump into some great discussions with like-minded Christians while simultaneously providing financial support for our ministry.

Resources mentioned in the episode:

Ratio Christi website: https://ratiochristi.org/

Corey’s book: https://a.co/d/61qxOV6


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