The Holy Sexuality Project | with Dr. Christopher Yuan

Is unconditional love the same thing as unconditional approval? How do Christians navigate through tough conversations about sexuality with their teenagers? As more and more young people are falling into the trap of placing their identity in their sexuality and gender pronouns, it’s critical that parents and youth leaders be proactive in showing teenagers where their true identity lies. Are there any tools that are available to help them prepare for these conversations in advance?

In this week’s podcast episode, Dr. Christopher Yuan joins Frank to discuss his brand-new video curriculum The Holy Sexuality Project, which is designed to disciple teens on biblical sexuality. During this episode, Frank and Christopher address questions like:

What is holy sexuality?
What did Jesus have to say about sexuality?
What are some common myths about homosexuality and the Bible?
Why do our sexual preferences matter if it doesn’t harm anyone else?
What is God’s purpose for sexuality besides procreation?
How did Christopher go from a life in prison to his first day of Bible college?


Christopher knows a thing or two about placing sexuality at the forefront of his identity. Prior to his radical conversion to Christianity, he lived much of his young adult life identifying as a gay man and even spent time in prison. His experience inspired him to help others avoid some of the pitfalls he encountered because of his own identity crisis. Talking about sexuality with teens doesn’t have to be complicated or uncomfortable. This affordable video curriculum will take the pressure off adults and help kids understand and embrace God’s ultimate plan for sex and marriage!

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The Holy Sexuality Project video curriculum for teens:

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