Enjoy TrueSong’s First Ever Music Video

An “army of love” is taking to the streets! Any guesses what I might mean by that? Well, if you follow our various social media and YouTube pages, you might have heard the announcement already. But if not, I’m excited to share that our Ark Encounter and Creation Museum resident artists, TrueSong, have released their second album, Tell Someone, featuring the single “Army of Love”—which now has its very own music video. These four godly men are so talented! God brought them to the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum to minister to our guests through music.

“Army of Love” is a catchy contemporary song that encourages believers to share the gospel with others. And in their very first music video, TrueSong hits the streets to do just that. You can watch their new music video below.

Now, as the album name says, we want you to tell someoneabout TrueSong ‘s new single (and the new album) by sharing the music video on your social media channels. Enjoy the full album—and share with others—on all your favorite music streaming platforms (or on CD).

You can enjoy TrueSong’s music live most days at the Ark Encounter and select days at the Creation Museum, including during our upcoming 40 Days and 40 Nights of Christian Music concerts, beginning Tuesday, August 1 and ending September 9, 2023. This is the biggest Christian music festival in the world! Forty days of music by over 130 top Christian artists. Amazing!

Concert Season Is Nearly Here!

Yes, “concert season” at the Ark Encounter (and the Creation Museum) is nearly here! Enjoy this short video of our singing giraffes and see if you know which song they are singing and which artist sings this (hint: she will be at 40/40).

See a full schedule at 40DaysOfChristianMusic.com.

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