Buy a Meal, Give a Meal at the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum

Youth groups, camp groups, Sunday school classes, church groups (from a wide range of denominations), Christian school and homeschool groups, various secular groups, family reunions—what do all of these groups have in common? You can find them visiting the Ark Encounter or Creation Museum every day!

Yes, a large number of groups come each day. There is such a diversity of them—not only from the Christian world but the secular world as well. It’s thrilling to see so many people hearing the message of the gospel!

Did you know groups enjoy discounted rates as well as specialized assistance for checking in and ticketing? The Ark and the Creation Museum would be excellent choices for your next tour group, school trip, church trip, or even a family reunion. You can learn more about bringing your group to the Ark Encounter or Creation Museum on our websites.

Now, of course all of these guests need to eat while they are visiting! So, we offer a variety of delicious food options at both the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum. And those food options just got better—because when you buy a participating meal, we give a meal!

We have partnered with the wonderful, gospel-centered mercy ministry Children’s Hunger Fund for a number of years now, particularly through our Answers VBS (Vacation Bible School) program. Through this partnership, over 11 million meals have been provided in the form of Food Paks to children and families living in poverty around the world. But, more important than the food, these children are hearing the good news of the gospel and being introduced to a personal relationship with Jesus.

The Ark Encounter and Creation Museum are now taking this partnership with Children’s Hunger Fund to a whole new level to provide meals for children in need. For every qualifying combo meal purchased at either attraction, a meal will be donated to Children’s Hunger Fund!

We’re so thankful for this partnership that will allow even more children and families around the world to hear the saving message of the gospel while also having their physical needs met.

Oh, and if you’re planning to bring a group, consider visiting for one of our special events:

If you speak Spanish, or know others who do, consider bringing a group for our annual Día Latino event (October 20–21, 2023).If you are part of the Deaf community, or know others who are, bring a group for our annual Deaf Days outreach (April 19–20, 2024).Bring a group from your church—including your pastor and other leaders—to Answers for Pastors, a wonderful three days of teaching that is open for anyone to attend (October 3–5, 2023).Bring a group of ladies to our extremely popular women’s conference, Answers for Women (April 1–3, 2024).Gather a group of high school students for our Creation College Expo (November 2–4, 2023) so they can learn about colleges that take a stand on God’s Word (includes free Ark Encounter admission).Come as a homeschool group to our three-day Answers Homeschool Experience (May 9–11, 2024).Or bring a group of music-lovers for the world’s largest Christian music festival—40 Days and 40 Nights of Christian Music (August 1–September 9, 2024).

Yes, we have something for every group! We hope to see you and your group soon here in N. Kentucky.

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