Don’t use leftist words and definitions

Words and their definitions are important because the more accurate you are, the better able you will be to discern truth from error. There are leftist words and definitions that liberals want you to use. This helps them in their cause, restricts your freedom to speak, and influence your thinking.

The following is a video I released on this along with the text of that video.


In the battle for influence and the control of society, words and their meanings are critical. Those on the liberal left believe their morals and thinking are best for everyone. That is why they want you to use their words, whether they be new words or old words redefined according to their ideology. This is because if they can get you to use their words the way they want you to use them, they can influence your speech and guide your thinking. So, the longer you use their terms and definitions, the more you start to think like them. That’s not good. Nevertheless, those on the left say chest-feeder instead of mother, partner instead of husband or wife, equity instead of discrimination, and toxic masculinity instead of hard-working, faithful men. In using terms the way they do, they attack the foundations of our society – and they want you to join them. They want you to use their words with their definitions. But, if you disagree with them, then you’re labeled homophobic, transphobic, a bigot, a racist, intolerant, or whatever else they throw at you. Their goal is to control you…and, ultimately, your children. They’ve made a lot of headway, too. They have infiltrated schools, movies, children’s books, and libraries with their liberal, leftist morality and group-think. They preach tolerance but are intolerant. They profess unity but cause division. They promote equity, but they discriminate. Don’t fall for it. Don’t use their terms and definitions. Don’t say partner; say husband, wife, boyfriend, and girlfriend. Don’t say sexual orientation; say, man or woman. Don’t say fetus; say baby. Don’t say abortion rights; say killing the unborn. Don’t say patriarchy; say hard-working men. Don’t say chest-feeder, say mother. Don’t say toxic masculinity; say strong and good men. Don’t say social justice; say leftist indoctrination. And may I suggest that you don’t say LGBTQ; maybe you could say alphabet mob. Don’t be a snowflake, a leftist, a socialist, a compromiser, or a weakling. Don’t use the politically-left terminology that restricts your freedom and redirects your thoughts to a leftist agenda. Instead, be strong. Stand firm. Use the right words that have a precise meaning. Stand for truth. That way, you can avoid the indoctrination of the liberal left, keep your common sense and your intellectual freedom.


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