Different Bibles used on CARM.org

Many different Bibles have been developed over the years. CARM’s standard Bible is the NASB95: New American Standard Bible 1995, due to its literalness to the original languages. In writing articles, sometimes the authors will use different versions to emphasize a point, expose an error, or compare versions.

We recognize that there are many good versions with advantages and disadvantages. CARM does not use the King James version because of anachronisms and the simple usage of thee, thou, shalt, etc. After all, we don’t speak like that.

The following is a list of Bibles, including CARM’s standard Bible, that we may or may not have used, referenced, or quoted. Sometimes we use lesser-known Bible versions but don’t reference them. Nevertheless, here are the following list of Bibles, their acronyms, and their titles.

AB – Amplified Bible (1965)
ASV – American Standard Version (1901)
CSB – Christian Standard Bible (2017)
CEB – Common English Bible (2011)
CEV – Contemporary English Version (1995)
CLV – Concorndant Literal Version (1966)
CTS – Catholic Truth Society Bible (2007)
CWB – Clear Word Bible (Seven Day Adventist Version, 1994)
DBY – Darby Bible (1890)
D-R – Douay-Rheims Bible (1790)
ESV – English Standard Version (2018)
GB – Geneva Bible, first published in 1560
GNB – Good News Bible (1976)
HCSB – The Holman Christian Standard Bible (2004)
ISV – International Standard Version, New Testament (2011)
KJV – King James Version (1611, 1769)
KJV1900 – King James Version, 1900
LEB – The Lexham English Bible (2012)
LSB – Legacy Standard Bible (2021)
LXX – Septuaginta: Morphologically Tagged Edition
MSG – The Message (2002)
NAB – New American Bible (1970, 1986)
NASB – New American Standard Bible (1971, 1995, 2020)
NET – New English Translation (2005)
NIrV – New International Reader’s Version (1998)
NLT – New Living Translation (1996)
NIV84 – The New International Version (1984)
NWT – New World Translation (1950, 1960, 1984, 2012, 2018, Jehovah’s Witness version)
OJB – The Orthodox Jewish Bible (2002)
OSB – The Orthodox Study Bible (2008)
REB – Revides English Bible (1989)
RSV – Revised Standard Version (1989, 1946)
RSV-CE – Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition (1965)
SBLGNT – Greek New Testament: SBL Edition
UBS5 – The Greek New Testament, Fifth Revised Edition (with Morphology). Sometimes referred to as the critical text.
TLB – The Living Bible (1971)
TNIV – Today’s New International Version (2005)
YLT – Young’s Literal Translation (1862)

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