Ken Ham—a Suspect in a Crime at the Creation Museum?

Yes, I have to admit—I was a suspect in a crime that took place at the Creation Museum. As a result of the suspicions thrown at me, I had to be interviewed by a group of forensic scientists and detectives via video chat while I was in Australia to speak at a few conferences (I’ll tell you more about that trip in a future blog post). But—don’t worry—I didn’t do it!

Okay, what am I referring to? Well, I was a suspect in a case study for our Explore Forensic Science 5-Day Camp at the Creation Museum! This camp is taught by our own Dr. Jennifer Hall Rivera, who is a former forensic scientist. She taught the campers fingerprint identification and processing techniques, DNA, trace analysis (hair and fibers), impressions (shoe and dental), crime scene recording, and document examination. The students then used all these techniques to solve a case study on the final day of camp, including interviewing me as a suspect.

We also offer an Explore 5-Day Science Camp each summer for 11–18-year-olds (both this science camp and our forensics camp will also be offered next year). Young people love the five days of science and forensic exploration at the Creation Museum!

And those camps aren’t the only ones we offered this summer! We offered an Explore Jr. 3-Day Science Camp for the first time ever. I thought you’d enjoy some photos of these children doing hands-on science (and having a blast) while receiving biblical worldview teaching from our experts.

The photos below are from day one of Explore Jr. (for ages 5–10), which was brand-new and totally sold out. Young children and their parents or grandparents attend together, which is a unique, fun experience for the whole family.

The focus of day one was fossils and dinosaurs, so families:

Learned about fossils and examined some real fossils.Found fossils using our sluice.Completed a dinosaur scavenger hunt all over the museum and museum gardens.

As with everything we do, students will learn how science confirms the Bible and how they can trust God’s Word from the very first verse in Genesis.

The Explore Jr. 3-Day summer camps provide a unique opportunity for students and parents to dive deeper into their favorite science topics together through a variety of interactive sessions, experiments, scavenger hunts, behind-the-scenes experiences, and much more while developing their biblical worldview. As with everything we do, students will learn how science confirms the Bible and how they can trust God’s Word from the very first verse in Genesis. As I said, our first-ever Explore Jr. was sold out—it’s exciting to see all the interest in training children from a young age with a truly biblical worldview.

Be sure to save the date for next year’s Explore Jr. 3-Day Science Camp, Explore Science 5-Day Camp, and Explore Forensic Science 5-Day Camp (or consider our Half-Day Explore Day and Explore Jr. programs) and sign up as soon as registration opens to avoid disappointment.

These programs are unique in the world and a special opportunity for Christian families! Take advantage of them as part of raising up Godly generations.

I am so thankful for our wonderful staff that works hard to design and facilitate these experiences for families and also for the families who understand how vital a biblical worldview is and ensure their children come to these programs. We pray the Lord will use all this hard work and dedication to raise up a generation of scientists and researchers who start with his Word!

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.






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