Arks Are Coming to the Ark Encounter

Another new exhibit is coming to the Ark Encounter! Like the Torah scroll exhibit I shared about recently, this coming exhibit will also be installed on the third deck of the life-size Noah’s Ark. So, what does this exciting new exhibit feature and teach?

Well, it’s an ark exhibit at the Ark! You see, a friend of the Answers in Genesis ministry has traveled around the world, and in each country he visited, he obtained a model Noah’s ark. Of course, they mostly look like the “bathtub arks” as we call them, but they are all unique to the country they come from.

What these models show is that people all over the world have heard of Noah’s ark and the flood. We already have an exhibit on flood legends from around the world, so this exhibit of model arks fits in with the fact people over the world are familiar with the flood account, even though the flood legends are changed versions of the real account as recorded in the Bible.

This exhibit is currently under construction and will be installed toward the end of the summer season (Lord willing). It’s another stunning addition to our world-class attraction. Come soon and visit the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum located in Northern Kentucky.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.






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