Movie Review: Sound of Freedom

The Sound of Freedom, starring Jim Caviezel, is based on the true story of Tim Ballard, a former Homeland Security agent who worked to expose and destroy child sex trafficking rings. Fortunately, he was able to free a lot of children and arrest many sexual predators. The movie portrays the evils of child sex trafficking, and though it does not get too graphic, it adequately displays the horror and abuse children suffer at the hands of sexual perverts.

I recommend that you see it. In fact, I recommend that you support quality movies that address important issues like this.

The movie does not have a woke agenda, leftist thought, sporadic condemnations of capitalism, white guilt, the praise of socialism, the denigration of masculinity, or a heroic LBGTQ activist who comes to the rescue. Instead, you find a good man who is driven to dismantle child sex trafficking. He quits his job just ten months before his pension is fully vested. He risks his own life to save “God’s little children.” And he has a supportive wife who isn’t a bigoted Karen. I know. Different.

No wonder it took several years for the movie to get released.

Interestingly, many movie reviewers associate it with QAnon conspiracy theorists and “right-wing extremists.” Why? Why not agree that sex trafficking occurs and denounce it? Why attack the movie? It makes no sense. What a shame that even though there are millions of people still enslaved in the world, those who reside in the comfort of their homes and comfortable jobs point their fingers dismissively at the film. But hey, what do you expect from the leftists?

As a Christian apologist, I’ve known for many years that slavery is alive and well in modern societies worldwide. I know that sex trafficking is, unfortunately, prevalent among the young who are abducted, abused, and often eventually killed. In fact, I know a young woman who was almost abducted in a parking lot a few years back. She fled the van pursuing her, and managed to find a crowd for safety.

Yeah, it happens.

The movie is well-directed. The acting is great, and surprisingly the children are very good at portraying their fear and brokenness. Go see it and enjoy the happy ending.

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