Hilarious “Singing” Camels and a Camel Birthday Party at the Ark Encounter

Today—July 7, 2023, or 7/7—marks the seven-year anniversary of the opening of the Ark Encounter! Wow—we praise the Lord for seven years and for the millions of families who have encountered the truth of God’s Word and the gospel. Well, in honor of this special anniversary, I have a hilarious video for you—a video featuring our Ark Encounter’s “singing” camels.

Celebrating Gomer

Okay, but first, before I share the video, enjoy these fun photos. Last month at the Ark Encounter, one of our dromedary camels, Gomer, had his 18th birthday, and our zookeepers went all out in celebration!

You may know Gomer if you’ve visited the Ark or our sister attraction the Creation Museum. He’s often considered to be the “king of the zoo,” as he’s been with Answers in Genesis since the Creation Museum’s zoo opened in 2008. After providing camel rides to guests for 10 years, he retired at the end of 2018 and moved to the Ark Encounter’s Ararat Ridge Zoo in 2020. He now lives with llamas Shem, Ham, and Japheth and alpacas Cain and Abel in our Camelid Kind exhibit.

So, when the king of the zoo turned 18, the zoo staff went all out for his party! They made a three-tiered “popsicle cake” filled with his favorite fruits and veggies … and iced it with pureed sweet potato. They even carved camel decorations out of watermelon!

Our zookeepers care deeply for the zoo animals and form strong bonds with each of them.

During his party, a crowd of guests gathered around to sing him “Happy Birthday.” Our zookeepers care deeply for the zoo animals and form strong bonds with each of them. Gomer receives top-quality care in his retirement, including regular physical therapy, chiropractic care, even acupuncture, and massages to help his arthritis.

He’s shown significant improvement in his mobility with this care—in fact, our animal health manager (pictured above with Gomer) presented on his success story at a national zoo veterinary technician conference!

When you visit Ararat Ridge Zoo at the Ark Encounter or the Eden Animal Experience at the Creation Museum, check out the times for the live animal programs on the Animal Actors’ Stage at the Ark or Legacy Hall at the museum. They are extremely popular for all ages.

Oh, and be sure to check out our camel rides for youth (17 and under) at the Ark Encounter. Children and young people love them!

Behind the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum Experience

Okay, now it’s time for the “singing” camels. This is a trailer for a new episode of Behind the Experience, a really fun show that’s exclusive to Answers TV, our streaming platform.

If you don’t have a subscription to Answers TV, I encourage you to get one now to enjoy the nearly 6,000 videos—including science programs, nature documentaries, and fun children’s content. It’s a God-honoring streaming platform you can trust.

Parents have to be so careful with the secular streaming platforms that are increasingly woke and both subtly and overtly forcing the LGBTQ worldview, etc., onto even young kids. I am so thankful Answers TV is a unique, educational, God-honoring, and entertaining alternative.

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