What is the Bible?

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The Bible is a collection of 66 books written by 40 authors, in 3 languages, on three continents over 1600 years. It contains many different writing styles, such as poetry, history, parables, prophecy, and wisdom. It is the source of the Christian religion and contains the teachings of God revealed through prophets and apostles. The Bible describes the origin of humanity and how sin entered the world. It tells us how God called the Israelites to Himself and promised them a future Messiah who would restore our relationship with Him. Therefore, the Bible is the inspired account of the work of God in history, bringing to fruition His prophetic declarations concerning Jesus and redemption.

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The Bible has a consistent theological theme revolving around Christ. Jesus said that the Scriptures are about him (John 5:39). So, we would expect that, ultimately, everything in its pages is a precursor to Christ or the revelation of His work. The collection of these 66 books written over so long is thematically consistent and doctrinally interwoven. There is so much to glean within its pages. From God’s word, we learn more about the true God – which will get into later in these videos. Nevertheless, from eternity past, God has worked all things after the counsel of His will (Ephesians 1:11). This includes how God worked with and through the nation of Israel to bring the Messiah to His church. God’s word is a unique set of writings that contains so much prophecy and truth. It is from God. No other book in all of history is equal to the Bible.


“… the name which in the fifth century began to be given to the entire collection of sacred books, the “Library of Divine Revelation.” The name Bible was adopted by Wickliffe, and came gradually into use in our English language. The Bible consists of sixty-six different books, composed by many different writers, in three different languages, under different circumstances; writers of almost every social rank, statesmen and peasants, kings, herdsmen, fishermen, priests, tax-gatherers, tentmakers; educated and uneducated, Jews and Gentiles; most of them unknown to each other, and writing at various periods during the space of about 1600 years: and yet, after all, it is only one book dealing with only one subject in its numberless aspects and relations, the subject of man’s redemption.” (https://www.blueletterbible.org/search/Dictionary/viewTopic.cfm?topic=ET0000580)

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