Benefits of learning Christian theology

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There are many benefits to learning Christian theology. Here are some of them.  It provides a framework for understanding the Bible. You can see how topics are interrelated. You can better discern truth from error. You can learn more about who Jesus is, what He did, and what He is going to do. You learn more about God, His holiness, His trinitarian nature, and His work in creation. Good theology increases your faith. It teaches you what sin is, how it hinders your walk with God, and how we can receive forgiveness of our through Jesus. And, last but not least, good Christian theology helps you to learn your faith as well as defend it. So, I hope you enjoy quick series on Christian theology.

Benefits of learning Christian theology

A lot of good reasons to learn biblical theology. The more you study God’s word, the more you learn about him and his will for your life. Of course, this naturally will benefit you  In your walk with him. Theology is the skeletal structure upon which so many truths are dependent. So, the more you study it, the more you learn. The more you learn, the better Christian you can be. But remember, we don’t learn just for ourselves, just to learn facts. We actually benefit from knowing God’s word. But we also learned to help others. The more you know the better off you’ll be in defending the truth, explaining the truth, and helping others know the truth.


“Christian theology is a study of the God of Scripture; as opposed to the God or gods of other religions. The term, “theology,” as Christians use it, can be defined in the narrow sense as the study of the doctrine of the God of the Bible. It can also be understood in a wider sense to refer to the sum total of Christian teaching. This is the usual way in which the term is used.” (

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