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Welcome to One Minute Christianity, where we attempt to address multiple topics on the Christian faith, one at a time, in one minute or less. In order to do this, we will focus on specific subjects and present the basic information necessary to understand each topic. The goal here is to help you learn what the Christian faith is in a quick and easy manner. We will provide links in the videos and web pages if you want deeper explanations. You’ll also notice the subtitles in each video. If there is a topic you want CARM to address that we have not gotten to here in this series, then please let us know at And, if you would be so kind, please give us feedback on these videos at, as well. May the Lord bless you.

One Minute Christianity

There are a lot of ways to learn Christian theology. You could study on your own. You could read books and even go to a Bible college. And, of course, you can watch videos at One Minute Christianity. We want to help you understand the Christian faith better. Matt Slick, the author of these videos, has been studying, teaching, and debating Christian theology since 1980. He earned a Masters of Divinity from Westminster Theological Seminary and has been doing a daily Christian-based call-in radio since 2004. So, he’s got a lot of experience.  But, of course, you must check everything in these videos with Scripture. After all, God’s word is the final authority in everything it addresses.


“Unlike “Christian” (the King James Version), the term “Christianity,” so far as is known, was first used by the Christians themselves, but does not occur in the New Testament. It is exactly parallel to Judaism (“the Jews’ religion”), found not only in Ga 1:13,14, but in 2 Macc 2:21, etc. Our earliest authority for the word “Christianism” is Ignatius of Antioch. Christian is now a title of honor, and the Christian’s glory is “to live according to Christianism” (Ignatius, Ad magnes, 10).” (

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