Arrangement of Topics

One Minute Christianity deals with a lot of questions and answers on the Christian faith. In order to make it easier for you to progress through them and find specific information, we have categorized them by major topics. Therefore, you will find videos on Scripture, God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, creation, man, sin, salvation, judgment, and more. If you go to you will see the growing list of subjects addressed in this video series. If there is a topic you want CARM to address that we have not gotten to here yet, then please let us know at And, if you would be so kind, please give us feedback on these videos, as well. May the Lord bless you.

One Minute Christianity – Arrangement of Topics

Christian theology is a deep and sometimes complex series of topics. Different systematic theologies arrange the topics slightly differently. But, generally, they proceed logically from one topic to another. One Minute Christianity has Topics that are also logically arranged. We start with an introduction and then go to Scripture. We do this because the Scriptures of the final authority in everything it addresses. It is our basis of truth. So, we start with that then we move to the author Scripture-God. We will study who Jesus is, what he has done on the cross, what salvation is and so much more. The lessons will progress and build upon one another. We at CARM hope you enjoy this series.


“Biblical theology seems best defined as the doctrine of Biblical religion. As such it works up the material contained in the Old Testament and the New Testament as the product of exegetical study. This is the modern technical sense of the term, whereby it signifies a systematic representation of Biblical religion in its primitive form. Biblical theology has sometimes been taken to signify not alone this science of the doctrinal declarations of the Scriptures, but the whole group of sciences Concerned with the interpretation and exposition of the Scriptures. In that wider view of Biblical theology, the term exegetical theology has been used to define and include the group of sciences already referred to. But the whole weight of preference seems, in our view, to belong to the narrower use of the term Biblical theology, as more strictly scientific.” (

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