Come “Look” at the Sun at the Creation Museum!

Have you ever looked at the sun?

Okay, I don’t recommend you go out and try it! Looking at the sun without proper protection, even just a glimpse, can cause permanent damage to your eyes. However, if you look through a specially filtered telescope, you can “spot” some amazing things.

The Creation Museum is excited to present a special astronomy program: Sun Spotting. Led by Dr. Danny Faulkner, our staff astronomer, you’ll have the opportunity to observe sunspots and solar prominences—it’s a really unique experience!

You’ll have the opportunity to observe sunspots and solar prominences—it’s a really unique experience!

This special astronomy program is happening most days July through August, Monday–Friday, 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the Creation Museum, weather permitting. There’s no sign up for this program, just hop in line when you see the sign for telescope and sun spotting.

This is just one of the many programs included with your admission ticket that we offer families every day at the Creation Museum. Be sure to check out our daily schedule as you plan your visit. The museum is west of the Cincinnati Airport.

More Programs at the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter

Not only do we have many, many daily programs at the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter for our guests, but we also offer special paid experiences that take you even deeper. Our Explore programs are days of hands-on science exploration from a biblical worldview perspective. And we have Explore programs for all ages!

Explore Jr. programs teach children 5–10 years old about botany, zoology, forensics, fossils, and so much more. Explore is designed for young people ages 11–18 and includes topics such as microscopy, chemistry, human anatomy, zoology, drones, rockets, and more. And then our Exploration programs are designed for adults. We really do have something for the whole family!

Our upcoming Exploration program is Environmental Science Exploration, which will take place September 1–2, 2023, at the Ark Encounter (south of Cincinnati). This hands-on program offers an introduction to environmental science, the dominion mandate, and more—all from a biblical worldview.

I encourage you to sign up for these exciting, faith-building programs.

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