Can’t Keep What You Throw Away

“What I am arguing for I will say yet again. You can’t have it both ways. You cannot establish a culture that has institutionalized the abandonment of the unique dignity of women, and then, when the culture starts acting on that perverse premise, suddenly find some dignity for them to stand on. You don’t have any of that dignity any more. You threw is away, remember? And you mercilessly mocked those who objected to throwing it away. You laughed at their predictions. They objected to discarding a unique feminine dignity, and you mocked them. When the consequences of having lost that dignity start to manifest themselves—as they will continue to do with increasing regularity—you hate and despise them. You hate them for being right in the prediction, and you hate them because their ‘misogynist’ subcultures are among the few remaining places where women are not treated like that.”

Chestertonian Calvinism, pp. 73-74

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