New Exhibit Featuring Dinosaurs Coming to the Creation Museum

A new exhibit is coming to the Creation Museum! It’s going to be a stunning exhibit that will feature a dinosaur and teach about the rapid burial that occurred during the flood of Noah’s day. This exhibit is well underway and will be installed at the Creation Museum sometime this year.

Designer working on a 3D-rendering of the dinosaur head to be printed on our 3D printer.

Finished 3D-printed model of the dinosaur’s head.

Exhibit artist working on sculpting the dinosaur’s body.

Concept art of the display.

We praise the Lord for Answers in Genesis’ talented design team, who are working on this exhibit that will be installed in the Starting Points room. If you’ve visited the Creation Museum, you may have noticed a large blank wall in this area. This is where the exhibit will be installed. This will enhance this already stunning exhibit area.

Come and visit the two leading Christian themed attractions in the world, located in Northern Kentucky—the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter.

Oh, and if you want to join our exhibit design and fabrication teams to create amazing exhibits like this new one, we’re hiring! (And in many other departments as well!)

Another Ministry Update

But this coming new exhibit isn’t the only exciting update here at the Answers in Genesis ministry. I’m also excited to announce that we’ve recently released two new books, and our resident artists, TrueSong, have released a new album.

Divine Dilemma: Wrestling with the Question of a Loving God in a Fallen World. Why do death, disease, and suffering exist in this world if there is a loving God? In my new book, I get personal, grappling with this question using stories from my own life and the truth of the Word of God.

Dinosaurs, Dragons, and the Bible. Dinosaurs and dragons have long fascinated children, scientists, and filmmakers alike. But what is the truth about these creatures? This “Answers Book” for dinosaurs by AiG’s Bodie Hodge offers fascinating answers based on fossil footprints; soft tissue; biblical references to dragons, serpents, and leviathans; and much more.

TrueSong: Tell Someone. TrueSong is the resident music group at the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum, and Tell Someone is their second album, featuring originals that include my two favorites, “Army of Love” and “Jesus 1, Death 0.” I encourage you to order the CD or stream their new album on your favorite streaming platform or on YouTube.

I am so thankful for the number of and variety of resources we are able to produce here at the Answers in Genesis ministry to equip and encourage Christians, as well as challenge unbelievers. Find these two new resources, currently on sale, at

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