Captivating Drama Production at the Ark Encounter This Summer and Fall

Don’t miss this special program when you visit the Ark Encounter! I recently watched the new drama that a talented team from Bob Jones University is presenting at the Answers Center at the Ark Encounter most of this summer and also in the fall. I must say, I was captivated!

Hold Fast is based on a true story of Christian persecution but is a wonderful presentation of the saving gospel. Watching this drama, which combines live actors interacting with our massive LED screen, is a must for all families visiting the Ark.

The challenge the audience will be given can be summarized this way:

Is Jesus more precious than the approval of any government? An all-student ensemble cast from Bob Jones University presents the Peter and Georgi Vins story of Russian persecution, imprisonment, and hope. Live and computer-generated characters interact against a spectacular 70-foot by 22-foot LED backdrop, making this a unique and stunning program. Let this father-son story inspire your family to hold fast to the faith no matter the cost.

For days and times of shows, please check our events page on the Ark Encounter website. Also check the daily schedule when you enter the Ark Encounter attraction. The team typically performs Tuesday–Saturday at 1 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. in the Answers Center auditorium. (There are some exceptions because of special events.)

Bob Jones University is one of the handful of institutions that stand with Answers in Genesis on God’s Word beginning in Genesis.

Come and visit the two leading Christian themed attractions in the world, the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum. Check out our three-day bouncer pass or annual bouncer pass! (And remember, all kids 10 and under are free in 2023!) There’s so much to see and experience at these wonderful, God-honoring family attractions.

Oh, and check out our coming 40/40 musical event—40 days of music with over 130 leading groups. It’s the biggest gospel music festival in the world and is included with your Ark admission ticket. Check the Ark website for details.

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