Why Are Our Zookeepers Wearing Fake Mustaches?

At our two stunning attractions, the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky, we have a zoo and animal experience to teach guests about God’s creatures from a biblical worldview perspective. These are extremely popular with guests! Now, if you were visiting recently, you may have seen some of our zoo staff dressed in coveralls and wearing fake mustaches. What was going on?

Well, there’s a lot that goes on behind-the-scenes to look after these animals and give them the best care possible. And that’s where the mustaches come in! A keeper shared with me:

Our big zoo animals vet day is coming up, and we have been working on desensitizing animals to all the procedures so they aren’t stressed and we don’t have to restrain or anesthetize them.

While our animals often do splendidly with us, they absolutely recognize our vet, and sometimes that breaks down their training. So we bought the exact outfit he wears and even got fake mustaches!

Now we do our medical training dressed up like him so the animals get used to it and don’t get concerned when the real vet arrives.

It’s another fun way our staff goes the extra mile for the animals!

And you can go “behind-the-scenes” and discover more of what it takes to operate our zoos, and the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum themselves, with a new series on Answers TV, Behind the Experience. The first episode is now available, and there’s more to come featuring our zookeepers and some of our most popular Creation Museum animals as well as many other aspects of the entire ministry.

If you aren’t a subscriber to Answers TV, I encourage you to try a free seven-day trial today—you’ll love the family-friendly content, the kids shows, nature programs, science programs, Answers University content, and so much more. At only $4.99 a month, or $39.99 for the whole year, it’s very affordable.

Don’t Miss Live Animal Programs

Guests of all ages love the live animal programs presented at the Animal Actors Stage (and in the Answers Center auditorium during cooler months) at the Ark. Our presenters are great communicators and passionate about showing the animals in their care and teaching about them from a biblical worldview perspective. You won’t get teaching like this at secular zoos.

Don’t miss these very popular live animal programs when you visit the Ark Encounter.

Eden Animal Experience Getting Major Upgrade

We also have live animal programs at the Creation Museum in the Legacy Hall auditorium, but soon we will be offering live animal programs outside, because our Eden Animal Experience on the museum grounds is getting a major upgrade.

The construction on the glass conservatory, supporting glass greenhouses, and Eden Teaching Center is well underway. We hope this amazing new exhibit expansion will be open by the end of the year. The conservatory and greenhouses will be raising plants of the Bible as well as other exotic plants. These will also be used for a teaching program to help people understand God’s creation from a biblical worldview perspective.

As part of this expansion, we are also building a new animal experience area on the museum grounds, including an outside stage for live animal programs.

I can’t wait for all this to be finished. What a spectacular addition to the Creation Museum attraction this will be!

These new greenhouses and additional teaching spaces will be a wonderful extension for our programs team too as they plan our Explore Days. These days of biblical worldview instruction and hands-on science are very popular with children, teenagers, and adults (yes, we even have programs for adults). You can see our whole list of programs which run throughout the year (with a summer day camp option as well!) on our Creation Museum website.

Yes, there’s so much to do at the world’s leading Christian themed attractions (where kids 10 and under are free in 2023!). Plan your visit today at CreationMuseum.org and ArkEncounter.com.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.






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