So Here’s the Deal . . . Vacation Time

I thought it would be best if I informed you beforehand about the changes you will notice over the next couple of weeks. Those changes will be largely driven by the fact that I will not be here. My bride and I are going off on vacation, and will be gone for a couple of weeks (May 19-31). So that’s the first thing. When it comes to staring at this site, it will appear to you that something must be stuck, and you will attempt to fix it by hitting the refresh button. But that won’t work because I am off on vacation, busy hitting my refresh button.

I will miss posting new content here for the next two Mondays and the next two Wednesdays. But I did do something for those of you who think you might need a little mablogian fix in the meantime. Being thoughtful the way I am, I recorded to video four blog posts from the archives that were written before we started recording these things, and they will be posted on those respective days. So if you usually get your Mablog content via the YouTube channel, you might not even notice that I am gone.

And when I get back, Lord willing and the crik don’t rise, I will tell you about how we went up the hill, and then came down again.

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