Content Cluster Muster [05/04/23]

That Time Bud Light Made Fox News Jealous

Hot Opportunities

New Founding is the rallying point for founders, investors, and builders who see a historic opportunity to reclaim the virtues of excellence and competence in the economy.

Job Openings

Managing Director role for an M&A advisory firm that focuses exclusively on sell-side transactions. Cincinnati, OH.
Sales Engineer role at a cloud CRM and marketing automation platform designed for SMB’s. Houston, TX.
Frontend Engineer for a private consumer fintech company in Austin, TX.


Professional animator in the game industry and motion graphics artist, with experience in startups and marketing teams. 
CEO with 25+ years of experience building groundbreaking technology, scaling teams, and building massive companies. 
Former Army office and D1 football player with experience in investment banking looking for PE/VC firms. 

Responding to Tucker

There is Too a Road There

And more here.

The Little Things

A Song I Really Like for Some Reason

Yes, Quite

Really Free If Approved First

Sweater Vest Talk on Mere Christendom

Featured Product

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