Can You Explain the 5 M’s? – Part 1

Have you ever wondered why reality is the way that it is? And what worldview can best explain it? Some of the greatest thinkers in modern and ancient history have pondered the order and beauty of the universe, only to conclude that an “unmoved mover” or “cosmic lawgiver” is the BEST explanation for its existence. But sadly, many in modern society seem to ignore what’s staring at them right in the face!

No matter what you believe, all valid religions or worldviews ought to be able to explain WHY reality is the way it is. To do this, there are at least five aspects of reality that humanity has long sought an explanation for:

The Material
The Mental
The Mathematical
The Moral
The Metaphysical


In this week’s podcast episode, Frank walks us through THREE of the 5 M’s – there was simply too much amazing stuff to squeeze in all 5 so stay tuned for ‘Part 2’! As Christians, we believe that God holds and sustains all things, but believing something and being able to explain it are very different things. Fortunately, today’s podcast will give you a better understanding of how the fundamental laws of nature and logic ultimately point to God. Once you listen, you may never look at reality the same way again!

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