What is the Christian View of Human Origins?

How did God create humanity and when did he do it? Many people wrestle with this question and I have held a number of different positions over the years.

Growing up in church, this question never came up. If you had asked me back then it would probably have been something like evolution with very little thought of how God was involved.

In my 20s, I joined a very conservative church and was told the Christian view was young earth creationism. I was told that people who hold a different position simply are not Christians.

I eventually came to accept an old earth (and an older universe) but wanted to hold to sort of creationism in which humanity was created somewhat like we are today. I thought old earth creationism was a pretty solid position.

Today, I’m tentatively a theistic evolutionist/evolutionary creationist. I say “tentatively” because I still have some questions. But generally I accept common descent and macro-evolution.

I share all this, not to say my journey is the correct one, but that there are options. I recently did a Twitter poll on this and the results were interesting.

What theory of human origins are you most convinced by?

— Stephen Bedard (@SJBedard) March 11, 2023

Now not all of these options can be correct and the truth of the theories are not determined by vote. However, the range of answers is interesting.

What we see is that there is not just one Christian view of human origins. There are people who look at the evidence, both biblical and scientific, and come to different conclusions.

And that is okay.

I know that people that hold to each position, embrace those convictions strongly. They can’t understand how someone could hold a different position.

But intelligent and devout Christians do hold different positions.

I have my beliefs but I respect people who hold different beliefs. I could be wrong or they might be wrong. Ultimately my Christian faith is not based on the age of the earth or the mechanism of creation but on the death and resurrection of Jesus.

If you are interested in a book that presents each position in a respectful manner, I recommend this one:

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