He Gets Us. Why Don’t We Get Him? Plus Q&A

Is it wrong to criticize other Christians when their beliefs and actions don’t line up with the Word of God? Many people think so. Just ask our friend Natasha Crain, who received a sack full of virtual hate mail for her recent blog post, which logically pointed out several issues and concerns with the $100 million “He Gets Us” advertising campaign that seemed to tickle the ears of many Christians. During the first half of this week’s podcast episode, Frank goes through several points Natasha outlines in her blog post and reminds listeners that Jesus Himself was pretty serious about correcting people (especially the religious leaders!) for leading others astray.

In the second half, he shares some insights from the 2023 Discovery Institute Science and Faith Conference in Dallas, along with his recent speaking engagement at Liberty University on the topic of legislating morality. He also takes the time to answer listener questions.

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Resources mentioned during the episode:

Natasha’s blog post: 7 Problems with the ‘He Gets Us’ Campaign

Why We Can’t NOT Legislate Morality: http://bit.ly/3YZ4NE7

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