How to Save the West: Ancient Wisdom for 5 Modern Crises with Spencer Klavan

Western Culture is in a state of crisis. Objective truth is replaced by virtual reality, humanity by “transhumanism,” meaning by meaninglessness, religion by whole-hearted devotion to scientism, and the republican government by the liberal internationalist regime. This cultural chaos inevitably leads to the question—Can the West be saved?

On this episode of Hank Unplugged the Oxford-educated classicist Spencer Klavan joins Hank Hanegraaff to discuss his new book How to Save the West: Ancient Wisdom for 5 Modern Crises in which Klavan identifies five “essential crises”: The Crisis of Reality, The Crisis of the Body, The Crisis of Meaning, The Crisis of Religion and The Crisis of Regime. Klavan’s deep understanding of the roots of Western civilization make him a trustworthy guide for those concerned about the future of Western civilization. The situation is dire. But every crisis we face today we have faced—and surmounted—before.

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Topics discussed include:  Hank explains how he became familiar with Spencer Klavan’s work and their differences on human sexuality (:45); the crisis that ensues when we fail to communicate even when we disagree (7:25); how do we define Western Civilization? (9:35); does maintaining the traditions of Western Civilization matter? (13:45); are we experiencing a reality crisis? (19:30); if you can’t tell what is real or fake, then how can you determine good vs. evil? (24:30); what is reality privilege? (29:00); the connection between Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse and Plato’s Cave (32:45); the crisis of the body, consciousness and the soul (37:00); the purely fabricated notion of gender (43:00); the slippery slope from transgenderism to transhumanism (45:45); the state of our culture wars and the crisis of meaning (49:15); where do the rules of reality come from for a materialist? (53:45); the new religions of scientism and social justice (59:50); the disservice that the Enlightenment did to Western Civilization (1:04:50); the modern infatuation with the multiverse theories (1:09:10); why most people do not have the courage to live according to their convictions (1:13:45); the mythology that follows in the wake of science—the problem with science trying to answer questions that it was never designed to ask (1:17:20); our current political crisis is a crisis of civic love (1:20:05); the bright side of technology (1:30:00); how can we save the West? (1:31:35). 

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