Should You Interpret the Bible Literally?

Should we interpret the Bible literally? One of our recent shows has stirred up a hornet’s nest with regard to that question! Just HOW do we interpret the Bible? Can something be true, but not expressed literally? And if that’s the case, why would God make things so difficult for us to figure out?

On this week’s podcast episode, Frank responds to a listener’s question that relates to the discussion he had with Dr. John Walton last week on the right way to interpret Genesis. He does a deep dive into Genesis 1:1 and explains that even though everything in the Bible is literally true, not everything in the Bible is expressed literally. He also walks listeners through a fun + educational thought experiment and shares some of the most popular Hebrew and Greek idioms we find in the Bible. If you (or the people you disciple) ever wished that the Bible had an EASY button you need to take a listen, because we might just change your mind!

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