How to Teach Your Children (and Yourself) WHY Christianity is True | with Shanda Fulbright

Your children may know WHAT they believe about the Christian faith but do they know WHY? What happens when they leave the safe comforts of home and someone challenges their beliefs–will they know how to respond? Or maybe your child is already questioning the validity of Christianity and the Bible and you don’t even know it yet.

Don’t panic! Former public-school teacher and certified apologist Shanda Fulbright is here to help! She says skepticism about God, Jesus, and the Bible usually begins during the middle school years, which is why we need to start teaching kids as early as possible about how God’s Word and God’s world connect. She sits down with Frank to explain the layered process parents should use to create a strong foundation for their child’s faith and also shares some of the challenges she faced as a parent and public-school teacher in California.

Shanda also points out that many parents feel ill-equipped to teach their children the objective truth behind the Christian worldview because they were never taught it themselves. That’s where her online course (co-authored with Frank), Let’s Get Real: Examining the Evidence for God, saves the day! This course was specially designed for 6-8th graders and will take students on a challenging (but FUN!) journey as they dig in and become confident that Christianity is true and not just stories–that Christianity isn’t just an opinion or preference, but a belief based on FACTS.

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